About Corda Code Club

Corda Code Club is all about participation. Turning up and taking part.

Since June 2018 we have been the physical home for the London Corda community, a place where, in this day and age of slack channels, messaging apps and communicating with our friends and peers through the little glass screens of our smart phones, Corda Code Club stands out as a welcoming place where you can

  • go to meet fellow Corda learners,
  • work on cool new Cordapps, and
  • have members of the Cordarati on hand to explain to you personally how Corda works,
  • so you can become better at Cordapp development.

What is it

Every Monday evening (6-8pm) for six weeks participants will both learn Corda whilst building their own Cordapp as part of a hackathon-style competition. On the first night you form up into teams of 4 or 5 which is appointed a Corda mentor and the general use-case is presented, and then on the last night teams present their final Cordapp to a panel of judges.

Cost to attend

Club subs are be £5 evening
(note these are club “subs” rather than any kind of fee that represents the value of training received)

Who’s it for

  • Developers just beginning to learn Corda
  • Developers who already work in Corda and want to learn more
  • Members of the Cordarati who want to give back to the community


Always in a central London location, check meetup.com/cordacodeclub for each events address. Frequent venues are RBS’s Innovation Lab in Angel and R3’s Offices in Moorgate.

Come and join in our next event.

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