Previous Hackathons

Corda Slot Machine Challenge : Sept-Oct 2020

A hackathon to build a playable Slot Machine Cordapp

Corda Token SDK Hack : Mar-Apr 2020

A 6 week extended hackathon a la Corda Code Club to learn Corda and get experience implementing the Token SDK. Open use case so attendees can come up with whatever idea they want, but teams MUST use Token SDK!

Building Exchanges on Corda : Nov-Dec 2019

A 6 week “extended-hackathon” organised by Corda Code Club, hosted by RBS and on the theme of “Building Exchanges on Corda”.

Upgrading Post-Production Cordapps : Aug 2019

Matt Layton, Technical Lead at TradeIX, presents a 3 part series on: “Upgrading Post-Production CorDapps”

Settlers of Cordan : Jun-July 2019

Board games are possibly the easiest way to understand how a “distributed application” works. And because there’s no central point of authority in Settlers of Catan it’s a great basis for a Cordapp.

Texas Hold’em Poker Hack : Apr-May 2019

Texas Hold’em Poker is the “unobtainium” of the blockchain world. Any cursory glance at any number of live poker-on-blockchain game providers will show that although there are many online card games, they are all player vs machine games. Over 4 weeks we want to answer the question can a multi-player Texas Hold’em Poker game be implemented using the Corda blockchain?

Big Blockchain Bug Bounty Bake Off : Dec-Jan 2019

 series of Monday night meetups to learn how to build a Cordite Digital Mutual, and issue tokens, on the Corda network sponsored by the Cordite Foundation

Corda Construction Hack : Oct-Nov 2018

A 6 week “extended-hackathon” by Corda Code Club and in association with UCL’s Construction Blockchain Consortium.

First Corda Code Club : Aug-Sept 2018

A 6 week Corda “introductory-course-come-hackathon” where each evening the 25 participants will spend one hour learning how to build applications on the Corda platform with expert tuition by the DevRel team at R3, and one hour implementing that knowledge through developing their own CorDapps in a hackathon-style competition.
Hackathon use-cases to be provided by the “DLT for Public Good initiative”.

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