Who runs Corda Code Club

Corda Code Club is run by Martin Jee, the director of Oxenbury Partners, a Corda-specialist recruitment company:

I set up Corda Code Club in the summer of 2018 after I saw two things: 1) that Corda, as a was a JVM-based enterprise blockchain technology created and run by R3 (which was first funded by consortium of investment banks), was a DLT horse I could put my money on. And 2) that given the amount of demand I anticipated, there simply wasn’t going to be enough new Corda developers coming through.

So I saw setting up Corda Code Club as a way that _I_ could actually do something to start to train developers up in the Corda skillset needed to meet that demand, and as a way that I could do something quite special as a recruiter which is to actually be part of the community I had decided to commit my career to.


And I realised that if I was be successful at bringing in new people to the Corda community, I was going to have to run Corda Code Club on a purely pro bono basis. I would have to make sure that people knew that they could go to Corda Code Club without any obligations to work with me as their recruiter. I try to make Corda Code Club as fun, as inclusive and as interesting as possible. Have a look at our Previous Hackathons to see what we have done in the past.

Me explaining this at CordaCon2019:

About Me

Hi, I’m Martin Jee. I am an independent recruiter, which is to say that Oxenbury Partners is my company and that I am the sole Recruitment Consultant there. I have 2 kids and a wonderful wife. I also present the From The Basement podcast, which is the only blockchan podcast that interviews the forgotten and downtrodden developers who actually do the work!

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